Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Finally went to see the Orthopedic this morning after a couple of weeks of Chiropractic didn't help. He diagnosed me as have a sprained left lumbar muscle, which explains why it is so very painful to get up out of bed or up from a sitting position. And turning or twisting? Yeah, not so good. Tough deal as a window cleaner too!
Anyway, a few doses of steroids, 4 more weeks of physical therapy, and then reassess in 6 weeks. He's betting that it is not a herniated disk; I'm going with that bet too because that means surgey!!
Good thing is I get to ride my bike during this time. Bad thing is I can only ride it easy just to keep the joint and muscles of that area fluid. Oh man - rehab all over again!
This past week was a painful one. I'll give the bike a try in a day or two after the steroids kick in. Hopefully this will be a short period of PT and things start to get back to normal for me. The whole idea of scar tissue removal, and/or surgery does not appeal to me at all. A few days in the hospital and a few weeks of recovery is not in my plans!


Karlos said...

I wish you the best man!!! Be patient, you got a whole lot of life in front of you and nothing but time to turn them cranks and mash them pedals, be safe and be patient.

Garry said...

Thanks Karlos,
I usually am patient, but sometimes the sort of "cabin fever" kicks in with all of this. Today was the first day in over 7 weeks that I have actually felt mobile with a 3-4 pian on a scale of 1-10; the last few weeks it's been more like 6-8!

uzisuicide said...
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uzisuicide said...

After every summer mountain bike season I feel my bones a bit. In retrospect, Garry how is your back in a 2 years of now? Have you gotten your Thudbuster LT seat post yet?