Friday, July 3, 2009

New day

Let the healing begin; or the path back to strong riding anyways. Hung in there for the beach ride of 34.41 miles at an average of 17.4 mph. Not bad for a gimp! Not so sure I'll be doing the St. Pete group rides much as they like to cruise through red lights and the remainder of the pack that gets stuck with cross traffic has to turn it on harder if they want to remain a group. Hmm, wet roads, going against traffic, not so good. I just want to live to ride. So, my return will be on my own terms.

Later today, after stretching and running some errands, I will take my dog Daisy for an energetic walk to continue bringing the ole body back online. With no lightening even if it rains it will be good; gives me an excuse to bathe that crazy dog too. Whatever it takes to speed the metabolism up to where I used to be last year. Mmmm, iced coffee after a morning ride is good by the way. :-)

Two mountain bike rides are on the schedule for this weekend, so it looks like about 75 miles will be had in three days of biking. Sweet! Now hunger kicks in so a little protein snack before it's time for lunch.

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