Sunday, August 23, 2009

Anniversary of a year

At this time last year I was laying in a hospital bed with a broken back and shoulder blade.
My clothes were cut off of me and I had no idea where my bike or truck was, nor did I care. Breathing was aided by oxygen tubes and morphine to quell the pain which controlled me with every shallow breath that I took as the helicopter whisked me away to the nearest hospital with a trama center. This "pain reliever" would wear off every few hours and the guy in the hospital bed next to me was ready to beat me with a bat to put me out of my misery - and his.

I have some very good friends who saw that I was okay and helped me afterwards to pay some bills. I won't list them as they, and I, know who they are. I am forever greatful to you folks more than you even know!!

After almost a week in the hospital, two weeks at my sisters, three months in a back brace, over two months of physical therapy, then trying to come back too soon, another month of physical therapy, slowly trying to come back to my previous level of fitness while battling muscle atrophy, trying to start a small business, trying to find a paying job to afford to try to start a small business, finding a job that's draining the life out of me - today I was a slug on the bike. A slug that struggled to finish 45 miles on the road bike today.

Even with a job with life draining hours I must find time to train and regain what I have lost. A new job may be on the horizon - yes, even with every shake of the head and the words - "sorry, we don't have any positions for hire at this time, but you're welcome to fill out an application", there may be a chance to replace the LSJ (life sucking job).

Once again I have safety netters at the ready to prop me up if I fall. Damn, I owe the Karma Gods big time!

Anyway, a year ago today I was laying in a hospital bed with a broken back and shoulder blade and my clothes were cut off of me. Funny what runs through ones mind on the anniversary of a year.

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