Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well, starting the year out right with a 25 mile off road bike ride. Weather was beautiful and trails in great condition at Trout Creek.

I thought I might be riding with friends today but very few folks showed up, so I switched gears and laid out the WT-50 route for sometime in February. I can't believe it that I started to bonk some shortly after taking my energy bar, so I must have waited too long to nutrition up during the ride. I'll just have to keep in mind that fruit, nuts, gel, and cliff bar all get their chance to be absorbed by me on longer than 20 mile rides.

If you have never had a grit sandstone dirt in your eye let me tell you it is no fun! Entering Heart Break Ridge my wheel tossed up some dirt and in my left eye goes a speck of sandstone or limerock that was laid over some of the worst roots. Man did that irritate my eye. It took over 30 minutes to flush it out. Tried pulling the eye lid the over the other, using my eye wash kit in my first aid bag, then finally squirting gobs of water into my eye with my water bottle. Luckily there was no gatoraid in it! Here it is 9 hours later and my left eye feels like crap. Some blurryness and some minor irritation. I've had dirt in my eyes, saw dust in my eyes, even mud, but sandstone or limerock is the worst! Hopefully my focus will be back by worktime Monday morning.

This coming weekend, Jan. 8th, I will be doing the San Felasco 50 in Alachua. Can't wait. It's been a few years since I have done this epic ride partly because it fills up in one day, and partly because over the last few years I have been underemployed and unsure of my next paycheck and recouperating from my spectacular crash of Aug. '08. This summer was the first time since that I have felt like I had my strength and ability to function athletically without pain. I think I can now start to work in some sort of exercise routine to build strength again in my upper body. That's the 2011 goal.

My dog Daisy is getting older. She turned 12 this past August and recently the Vet diagnosed her with arthritis. Poor thing, she seems to be holding up well though. The Vet prescribed some medicine once a day for her and she also gets OPC3 for dogs. It's been two weeks and she seems to be doing better with it. She can actually jump onto the back seat of the truck without much help at all from me. Three weeks ago she just stood there and waited for me to lift her in.
We went for a nice hike at Soldier Hole Trail at Ft. Desoto today. Daisy likes that hike because we almost every time have the trail to our selves and she can just trot along in front of me 20 feet or so like she owns the place. She's funny when she gets around the bend out of site - all of the sudden she stops and waits for me to catch up. Good dog!

2011 I hope turns out to be a good year. Although I am overdue for a physical I need to schedule one soon as things in the head just haven't felt right. I think I may have a sinus infection which causes minor headaches and a clogged head feeling which also seems to affect concentration levels. Oh well, sooner or later I'll catch up with that stuff. Just threw several hundred $$$ at the truck, so a little recouperating of the wallet is in order.

I had wanted to do the Dirty Duo Race this January in Tampa, or May in Sarasota. My race partner doesn't think I'm ready for that much running, so I'll set my sights on a few solo races as I enjoy getting out there whether it's up front or somewhere in the field. Gotta' enter to keep the desire and motivation alive. :-)

Well, when I finish the San Felasco 50 I'll try to post again.

Great rides to all!

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