Monday, January 10, 2011

Well, I finished the San Felasco 50. The weather was the best I have experienced it for this event. My feet never even got cold. Usually this time of year North Florida is FREEZING cold.

My friends started about an hour earlier than I did. Driving up that morning I just wasn't going to leave at 5:30 a.m. It's just a fun ride. What can I say - no race, no prize, no reason to be on the road by 5:30 a.m.

Anyway, a good ride completely through the woods of San Felasco Nature Preserve though. New trails since I was last there and nice condition. Okay, some climbing to be had. I'm proud to say that I only walked one short section of straight up and that was because I slipped on a root making the switchback. My new Continental Vertical tires did an awesome job on traction, but they are a little big for my frame design. The bike just wasn't designed to handle a 2.3 tire. With only 2 rides on them (71 miles) I'll see about selling them to someone who's frame can take them and go back 2.0 tires with good knob traction.

Unfortunately I won't make the Ididaride again this year, so the annual "Triple Crown" of early year 50 milers won't be had. Not sure yet if I'll be working or riding the Croom 50, but I will be laying out the WT-50 soon which is a self SAG two loop excursion through Flatwoods/Morris Bridge/Trout Creek. Last year this event was brutally c-cold. 19 signed up, 7 showed and 2 finished. That just goes to show how bad the weather was! Lesson learned - don't get warmed up in the truck between loops.

I have three bikes now to clean and lube then find a chance to ride each of them. Looks like it's the local road route this week, then a Sunday jaunt through the woods. If the weather cooperates Saturday - no wind/rain - then some kayak time. Yes, might get to hang out with some manatees. Always a cool experience.

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Juancho said...

I found your blog off of the SWAMP site. I'm a Tallahassee rider (and blogger) looking for some info on Crooms for a trip next week. Come say hi at if you can help a brother out, or want to ride.